Pub Poets #1

Monday 5 January 2015

Last night was a lot of fun.  

On Sunday January 4th a group of us got together to share poems at The Old Town Hall in Poulton.  Poetry events don’t usually get a good press.  Poetry is perceived to be a bit dull or a bit artsy-fartsy.  But the truth is, when you’re with a group of talented writers and performers who want to entertain, poetry can be something extra special.  Last night proved that point.

I wish there was space here to give a name check to all the wonderful writers who contributed last night.  There were poets who I’ve seen perform before and there were poets who took to the mic for the first time.  It was exciting, it was fast-paced and there was alcohol.

The Pub Poets are going to be making these events a regular thing.  They’ll be at The Old Town Hall on the first Sunday of each month (with the occasional exception when the date conflicts with existing timetables) and the poetry will start at around 5.30. 

If you’re a local writer, or if you’re simply someone who enjoys the thrill of seeing live action poetry being performed, it would be great to see you there.

To find out more, join the Pub Poets on FaceBook or follow them @PubPoets.  And, for anyone who's interested, these are the opening stanzas to one of the poems I shared at last night's event.  

Old People Sex

Granny pulled on her surgical stockings
She put her false teeth in the glass
She took the Tena pad out of her panties
And said, “Grandpa, could you please f**k my ass?”

“I got horny last month at the bingo
When I called house on a sixty-nine.
It’s been decades since I’ve taken one hard up the chuff
And you ought to be there this time.”

“I got horny last week at the library
Whilst reading an old People’s Friend.
I saw an advert for polyester trousers
And it made my arse want your nob-end.”

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