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Friday 5 August 2016

As I mentioned at the start of this week, Raven and Skull has been long-listed for the Guardian’s Not the Booker prize.  Obviously I’m thrilled, and obviously it would be wonderful to be shortlisted.  But I’ve been blown away by the kind words that people are sharing about the book.

Below is a short sample of them:

“A well-crafted, enticing and enthralling tale that immediately brings the reader into a world of horror and suspense in a classic style of imagery, intrigue and mystery. It poses questions as you are drawn further into the lives of the tormented characters. There are many descriptive lines that I love including 'Tony could hear every syllable struggling to make its way through layers of yellowing phlegm and tar-blackened bronchioles as Moira gasped his name in her gravel-strewn death rattle.' Pure genius. Read it”

“A really fun horror novel where the employees of Raven and Skull are sharing horror stories. I’ve worked in an office and I know how scary those places can be! The author of this book seems to know that too because it’s absolutely brilliant stuff. The pacing is strong. The characters are realistic. The whole story manages to combine horror and humour into a thoroughly enjoyable title that I couldn’t put down.”

“A fabulous series of short stories masterfully woven together to form one tale. Each character is an employee of Raven and Skull who meet at the end of a dreadful week in a pub. The macabre source for each story, the strange place they work. I couldn't put it down and read it in one sleepless night...5*”

“A wonderful book of short stories that link with the common theme of all being told be employees of Raven and Skull. It's like one of those anthology horror films from the 60s where each tells their own story of terror. Brilliant stuff. The writing style is punchy and keeps you reading with well paced scene and character building. The twisted ideas are woven with dark humour to produce something that, I for one, thoroughly enjoyed.”

Thank you to everyone for your kind words.  

And, if you’ve read Raven and Skull, and fancy offering your support for my nomination, the link is here.  And, if you’ve not yet read Raven and Skull, why not treat yourself to a copy today? 

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