Not the Booker Prize

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Yesterday I discovered that Raven and Skull has made it to the longlist for the Guardian’s ‘Not the Booker prize.’

To say I’m thrilled is an understatement and I’d like to thank the people who nominated me.

And now, I’d like to beg for votes for anyone who’s read Raven and Skull and enjoyed it. 

Obviously there’s a lot of competition on the longlist.  I recognize some of the names professionally and I recognize some of them personally.  It’s a wonderful honour to be included on a list that features so many esteemed names.  I mention this in case you’re reading through the longlist and thinking of casting your vote for one of the other 100+ authors who are mentioned there.

However, if Raven and Skull is one of those titles you want to vote for (voters are asked to vote for two titles) then I’d be thrilled to know the book meant that much to you. The link is here:

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