Writing Exercise - Limericks

Saturday 26 September 2015

As some of you may be aware, I’m currently compiling an anthology of poetry, Coming Together: In Verse.  The call for submissions is listed here: http://ashleylisterauthor.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/call-for-submissions-coming-together-in.html

For those of you wanting to submit, but lacking inspiration or ideas, below you’ll find one of the poetry writing exercises I’ve previously shared on the blog for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association (http://erotica-readers.blogspot.co.uk). I'm going to try and share them here on a weekly basis until we reach the deadline date.

A silly young woman called Alice
Used live dynamite for a phallus
It blew her vagina
To North Carolina
And her ass to a ranch up in Dallas

I’ve mentioned limericks before but I’m mentioning them again as a writing exercise for one very important reason: they’re fun.

Note the rhyme scheme: a-a-b-b-a.  This is consistent for the majority of limericks.

A very good friend of mine, Paul
Has got a hexagonal ball
The result of its weight
Plus his dick’s length times eight
Is his phone number: give him a call

Note the metre/syllable count.  In this one it’s 8/8/6/6/9.  Commonly, each limerick is 8/8/5/5/8 although they can go a couple of syllables either side depending on how they’re being performed. 

Please remember that the most important thing about the limerick is that the form lends itself to fun. 

One morning a nobleman, Andy
Woke up feeling properly randy.
He said to his aide,
"Please fetch in my maid,
Or the dog, or whatever is handy."

If you do want to submit to the current anthology, information can be found on: http://ashleylisterauthor.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/call-for-submissions-coming-together-in.html

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