Laughter - the Best Medicine

Friday 5 June 2020

Thank you to the people who get it.  Writing is tricky. You have an idea, put the words on the page, and expect someone in the future to understand what you were trying to convey.

This is relatively easy with a shopping list (for example, ‘buy milk’ or ‘buy Ashley Lister’s latest book’) but it becomes more challenging when we deal with abstract ideas like humorous poetry. And so, when you get a review that shows someone has understood the whole point of your poetry collection, it invariably raises a smile.

5.0 out of 5 stars Toilet Humour
My headline 'toilet humour' is in no way meant to be derogatory. Don't know about you but I always read on the throne, and this book is perfect for dipping into whilst you are about your business. DO NOT read if you are shocked by expletives, DO READ if you have a mature sense of humour, some genuine laugh-aloud moments. Never in the field of poetry have expletives been used so creatively [or indeed so frequently]. Highly recommended in these grim times for a genuinely funny read.

Thank you, kind reviewer.
Old People Sex (and other highly offensive poems) is available from Amazon.


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