Book Launch - Raven and Skull

Monday 11 July 2016

Last night saw the official launch of Raven and Skull. It's my first horror novel and it's one of those stories I've been wanting to write for years. I'll tell you more about the novel on a future blog post. For now, for anyone who's ever written and published a book, I have to urge you to have a launch party.

It was wonderful to be in a room and enjoy the support of so many friends. I'm lucky enough to be part of a community of writers and I think they know how much of a struggle writing can sometimes be. I think they're also honest enough to tell co-writers when they're doing something right and when they're doing something wrong. Last night the vibe was wonderful and positive and I suspect that indicates that this book is something that meets with general approval.

So I spent an evening signing books, reading passages from the novel, and then listening to my amazing family and friends as they shared some truly awe-inspiring poetry.

What's the book about? Check out the lurb and the reviews on Amazon:

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